Court Filing & Electronic Filing

Get your case to court with our fast Court Filing services. Anytime you want a legal case heard in court, divorce, child custody, or small claims you need to submit the right documents and have them correctly filled out. We offer Court Filing & Electronic Filing services for all types of court cases and situations. As a proud vendor of Odyssey eFile CA, we can support your case or firm with the Latest Electronic Filing technology.  Providing legal file service throughout the Southern California, including but not limited to, Los Angeles, Pasadena, West Covina, Pomona Courts.

Our team at Hound Legal will take the stress and confusion out of Court Filings as we work with you to make sure your documents contain the necessary information for Court acceptance. Whether you will be representing yourself or working with a legal team, we file all court documents with a Confirmed Copy immediately sent to you. If you have any questions please give us a call. We can help. We’re here for you. Prices start at $55.00 which does not include court fees.

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Serving Los Angeles, Orange & San Bernardino Counties